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the physics feel great

i love the part where you actually made the game

i got it for 10 dollars along with hundreds of other games in the ukraine bundle

thats the whole point of the game

i think not

it doesn't.  right now fnf is sitting under the apache license i'm pretty sure,  when the full game releases, it will be proprietary and no longer open source. 

you can comment on my page anytime when you're done

hey, it's been 4 days? where's your game?

i'd love to play it! send me a link for a zip file or index.html?

ok not to be rude but have you tried compiling a game by yourself? try it and then u can say you know shit about computers


you don't need to do coding, and kbhgames is not ideal when you're on a windows computer

you have an archiving program right? (winrar, winzip, 7zip, etc.)

all you need to do is download the file, unzip, and double click the .exe file


is it a windows computer? also what mod are you planning on installing?

you can't download Foned In but I can give you direct links for Kade Engine (the engine Foned In uses, provides dfjk etc.)  and the mod of your choice

you literally have a chromebook i-
no offense but chill out with this crap cause you're gonna look back to it and regret it so just save ur time, i was also 9 once

much love

thats the weirdest flex ive ever heard bro wtf


why is everyone in here like 2 years old and have no knowledge whatsoever about computers

ok can u dm me @dqcixn

sorry to bother u but do u mind giving me ur discord cause an admin commented on my post and told me i must remove the game from and u wanted a downloadable version so

hi yk who i am well do u have discord or twitter or something so i can dm u for something

i have to take week 7 down, an admin commented on my post