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Good evening my friends! If you want to see Hard Mode beaten in 1:15, check out the video below.

I just have to share it with somebody. And clearly the people I love must never discover my shameful hobby.

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For reasons that have little to do with mental health, I got really engrossed in beating this game in under 1:30. Anyway, feel free to check it out if you're interested:

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Looks like other people already knew about it :( I thought I was being clever. Oh well, still submitted to the leaderboard and pending moderation. Thanks for the game, super fun!

I just accidentally discovered a glitch that makes it possible to beat the game way faster. I'll see if I can do it and upload.

Oh no, I didn't realize there was an official leaderboard xD Sadly I didn't record it for upload

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Okay, I got sub-3:30. I am satisfied now.