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Please take care of yourself we can wait

So I know this silly question but island game are still working on it jw

It seems picking on one reglion hard while that okay to some extent that sence with Olivia or o I can't remember name extremely upsettomg and difficult to stomach once I okay some joke but it nice they spread another instrad one in particular 

So good stuff except for part pick on vertain group of people only that uppesttingy bit on a diff note tho I really want to Reina story Abt her sister and what happened

I thought ogrinal was great and good hear the open to other thoughts but just keep in mind your vision and story is yours to tell and that only person that really matter is how u feel about your work

oh okay 

So just making sure there want any new sences?

So it each update?

So glad some else feel.this way 

Never have I ever been more sadden or disappointed at playing a new update of vn that this one here should rahe quit but I didn't made sad mc was the one who die bc after this update he didn't deserve to have second chance 

ok thanks 

I dI'd though itch hope u good chunk of it 

So I got my pay for week was hoping u tell best way to get what money I can give but I want best platform so most goes to you 

Fake Father community · Created a new topic Options

Is only tester rdy 

So no English?

I promise I got u next payday

no worries lock slice :) 

okay I was trying to say if wasn't stated out right out what happened to Wendy's brother to bliss at least not in on screen diagoule which okay with at long it canon that bliss know Wendy didn't get chance talk to brother bc of what happened to him that what I trying ask which does bliss know whole story or what know told to in text on screen 

Um what up mr lock slice um I was wondering a couple of things 1st even though it not confirmed in dialogue outright on immersion lvl I got bliss knows while story or just what told to her I hope not case but I got to know second I wondering why the mc wasn't given a choice to tell bliss that sin had remove the panties only bc if felt like mc was being robbed of oppunity to fully open with bliss once again u do great work and like what u make but this two I wondering your thoughts about them

So question I don't much Abt steam but it com or console thing and follow even if I have neither would help wishlist anyway?

okay I'm not sure it could a bonus renders thing but I . unsure 

thanks for backup 

Did u try trusting her at place ava became queen

So I know this going really stupid since this harem game but can thim please be able to a girl bc I feel bad for him and he really solid character that should at least have chance to a girl

okay it just she most unique crazy one who couldn't help but love 

Not be be an ass but could add the girl that crush on him I think one last version of show?

No more Android?

Wasn't there an Android bersion


So it sets one two together or do they need to be downloading individually?

didn't know I holy excrement what great game u made not that my opinion means much damn great job 

with effort and love care you and team have put in trust me it's more than 50 

I know stupid questions can I just 50 dollars once and play it? Just asking

U have wonderful work and though waiting has a slight bummer each and every time I play your content I am blown away at how fking amazing it is u really made something that may unmatched in awesomeness I can't count how I play the whole game start to finish bc of just fun and worth it the journey was I appreciate this master piece u have shared thanks so much!


sences or pictures jc 

So I am curious what in bonus renders?

it fixed now but it wasn't let access the new downloads and thank you so much for quick fix u are AZAMINGAWESOME SIR!