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Haha, amazing presentation ! Great !

Did you updated it ?

Nice ! You should export it with the 'Thread' variant in html5. The sound is stuttering.

Love the retro style ! My best score 293 ;)

Otherwise a lot of people won't download the game. Like me :p

Nice for a first game ! You should have put a tiny timer between reloads. You can reload x time a second. Cheers !

It was surrealistic to my eyes to have such a precision in the level design in so many step-levels in 72 hours from one person (with all the work beside). Very Good Job dude, to you and your wife ;) It kicks asses . Well done !

Wow, this level design should have been tested a lot to work. Bravo if you made this in 48 hours !

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Fractals masterpiece ! Bravo !

Immersive, just add the sound and it would be perfect for the jam !

No music and cheap sfx  :( The control is like having "lazy mouse" option activated.  The player is not under the mouse !

Physics is a bit weird sometimes but nice !

Nice dude !

Nice, arcade like arcade !

Art style is good, however the music is stressful. Couldn't reach the sky because of that. 

Approximate controls... oh god 

I'm not feeling stressed.