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Da Smol Bean

A member registered Apr 07, 2022

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Yeah I'm having that problem too. Idk if its a bug or a feature.

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Amazing game!! I loved that the puzzles were not to hard but did proved a little bit of thinking to complete. I did not expect that ending.

Here's a challenge: Try getting all of the red boxes to the end. Its like a mini puzzle in and of its self.

I cant get pass the tittle scree. I pressed new game but I cant get anywhere.

idk man. We stan Eggsaled tho

Bro I knew Eggsalad was my soulmate after the first round.

The rules made me anxious. It made me feel like I was going to do something wrong lol

This was cute. I really like how it shows how hard it is to talk about mental heath.  :3

I have been bamboozled!

Its so simple yet it

the glitching effect messed with me a lot. Loved the game :)

IKR thats what I thought at first!!

Literally my favorite game of all time.

Just made good choices and I also died sad and alone :((

I tried to make the worst person possible (in my eyes) and I ended up dying sad and alone :(

This game escalates SO QUICKLY

I got this letter...

3 million heart attacks later....I love the game.

Thank you so much. it made me such gender euphoria and it taught me a lot of things I did not know. Really beautiful game. <3

Amazing game and it is wonderfully made. I am wondering if they're are more endings?