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Da Boi In Blu

A member registered Feb 03, 2021

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is there any way to gender swap urself currently? or is that something planned for the future (saw it talked about but idk if u can do it already

thats the neat part!

you dont.

Just wait till 2 or 3 am (i cant remember) and just click on the puppet

hey just here to report a minor bug, one of the walls near the start doesn't have collision so you can just step up a higher part of the hil

(also does anyone know the door code for the first room)

Finally Just Bought The Game. Trying it out today.

Yes, most likely it will

The only thing I'm slightly disappointed about is that you can't bring cassie with you around the abandoned town, it'd be really cool if you could bring her with you, like you could take her to the lab you woke up in and she'd have some sort of reaction to certain things (e.g. your pod, the mechanical seat etc)

Go to the forest park, she should be around there, along the same path you use to scare away the fairies when they're tickling rinny

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Im trying to make a magic build, which people can teach you magic? Ive learned 2 from rinny, but can anyone else teach you magic? what gift does rinny like?

edit: also how do you unlock stuff for shop of horrors?

the cinema door in debug not working.  and its only happened in the newer version :P

Fair enough, have a good day friend

I would like to ask if there will ever be a demo or anything like that for people to try? I get it if not just wanted to ask. Thanks for your time (if your reading this)

Idk if this counts as necro posting but theres a more updated version of this game on newgrounds that u can download. sorry if you already knew or just got patreon version