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Take your time! I know how hard it is to keep up with what fans want, it would be really cool to have these special events, but i think having a good baseline game is most important. I look forward to these updates!

Yeah that would be really cool, maybe you should add a present event for Christmas, where players can open gifts containing either a normal battle, a elite battle, aurite/egg, some aura, or a item of random rarity, which could include limited edition skins and items. Once you get those items you unlock them from events that could give you items (shop, stash, etc).

Maybe you should add items to give this effect too here is my idea:

Mana Engine: Sets speed to 0 and gives +x% ability damage and +x mana regen.

Bouncy ball: Attack has x% reduced damage but bounces up to x targets dealing x% less each bounce

I have an idea for a new monster, because i  got an idea

So how about you create a monster who doesnt have any attack, and its ability is to fire an explosive bomb at the enemies? The bomb deals massive damage to a single target and a percentage of damage as AoE. Here is my template idea

[Insert monster name]

[Insert stats]

Charge up

Grants x mana to itself

[Insert Passive]

This monster doesnt attack! It charges up to fire a large explosive mortar at the enemies!

[Insert Ability Name]

Fires an explosive mortar that deals x damage to the/a [highest/lowest/closest/farthest/random] target and x% as AoE

Aurite 1:

Flame based attack:

Mortar inflicts burn on the enemy, dealing x amount of damage for x seconds

Poison based attack:

Mortar inflicts a strong poison on the enemy, dealing x amount of damage for x seconds (and/or inflicts a debuff).

Aurite 2:

Damage boost:

+Dmg +Mana

Speed boost:

-Mana +Speed

Another monster I thought of was a monster that fires a bouncing attack. 

[Insert monster name]

[Insert stats]


Deals 100% strength to farthest target

[Insert Passive]

Projectile bounces to nearby enemies x times, reducing by n% of damage each bounce

[Insert Ability Name]


Those two monsters would be absolutely sick, and it would be awesome to see them.


I love the dragon did it die please dont let it die ;-;

what are the secret things is it the holy thingy

Fr what do you do???


:( the flames from arcanist is removing the dark glyph.

Damage -99999999999999999999999.9999999999%

Survivability + 69%

PLOT TWIST: we are the bad guys, as we go on further in endless, the enemies get desperate because we are repeatedly killing them. The bosses are not really bosses anymore, they are just trying to protect their villages. Further on, we completely exhaust all natural resources, thats why the campfire and nests stop appearing

fortunately since mudgill is aggressive he recharges super bar rlly quick, and i am very conservative how i use it, so everytime i meet a team melting build i just use grand guard. Seras i originally thought he could work out with poison damage but at the speed mudgill melts the enemy his damage is irrelevant


im curious where the data is saved, how it is saved

why is the words pixelated i love it

thats genius! what is the rough function of the code that saves your progress?

ah, i havent played in a while, in the past i remember the ability allows for the potion effects to be cast on everyone.

yep, with my mudgill build, basically spam attacks and energy charm gets mana being fully charged for the next cast, the ascetics melt my fighters faster than i melt theirs.

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darn he has like 4k hp now and maxed def and str

loop 7 and he has 500 str

got a new OP build, which is mudgill equipped with maxed energy charm, which allows its ability to compensate for its mana

also wyrmlet with the elixir thingy and the magic manipulation allows for a extreme boost of power on every monster during moments of need, and healing salve can heal 12 wounds every use (assuming max amt of monsters)

i mean that is kinda hard, maybe you should add like a innate (every (insert disable) reduce the effects caused by disable by x%) like on the bosses, because without the gradually reducing effect of disables dealt to a enemy, with enough mana regen/speed/stuff you can always move fast enough to outrun the duration

Q W E R*100000 moment:

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couldnt play recently because parents blocked computer but now i hacked the mobile guardian  hehehe >:D 

This game is now pretty wonderful, i think you should get this game on steam because its pretty cool


also jay i have an idea for a new game mechanic: reforging. these reforge items can give certain stat boosts, like a heavy tank reforge stone that gives massive defense boost but a reduction in speed and the like. thanks <3

this game is somewhat dead, so i have an idea for a new character:

assassin, poison rune, starts with dagger, poisoned weapon, inflict mild poison damage on those you attack

my build: corrosion and quick cast. Max out magic damage and max out ice damage from ice wizard. bonus: leap rune to escape. result: the wizard is able to quickly cripple enemy's defenses. escapes danger quickly and cant be caught easily.

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can you add more regional blessings, and i also got suggestions for you!

the pool that heals you and removes wounds/give you healing salve: Healing buff, increases healing received, also all monsters receive a minor amount of life regen, needs nature synergy

the treasure cache that punishes you for getting legendary, lucky synergy, get a blessing that increases chances for a item to drop after battle

void opening, if you seal it with magic(the 50/50 chance of sealing it choice), you have the chance to also channel some of the void energy into your monsters, making them unstable, making them explode in a flash of void energy when incapacitated in battle, damaging allies and monsters

void trap, with saboteur synergy, you can use the instability of the trap to increase the power of the synergy by 100%

i think that is all i remember, when i encounter or remember more events, great game as always

i thought it out again that the ideal god mode is like a testing ground where you can edit the monsters with all of the items in the game. It is up to the tester to either use a realistic blend of power, or a impossible but extremely overpowered team.

no, the cats begin to die slowly and you must see them die

nice :)

you are my  favorite indie game dev because your game fits my vibe and you are really active!

anyway i saw your playthrough you are really good at this! im really bad at this game so i need god mode

im thinking about massively increased stats, special abilities to prevent death unless you are really stupid. Free items at shops and free rerolling. Blessings instead of curses at the end of battles.



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Too much caffiene

i decided to endure to 420 for the memes. Also i could clear a room in seconds, so its just click, click, click and im done