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48 so far. man this is addictive. would be cool to have a regular mode where you can just ski like on the front screen too

Nice, very smart.

Is it me, or is GODOTSCOP what the voiceover says when naming characters in Earthbound/Mother2.

did the earthbound creators travel to the future, see this game, and use it in their game back in the day?

Of course not, that would be silly right?


just give it full screen compatibility. that mmight work?

after two epic fails, i managed to sleep in till eleven oclock YEAH BABYYYYYYYY!!!!

this was awesome and annoying at the same time.but in a good really well done way. the only problem playing it in browser was that the custom cursor was underneath the desktop cursor, so there was two cursors on screen, and the custom game one lagged behind the desktop, but like i said, i still managed to kick those annoyances in the nuts and have sweet dreams man. 

wow. all i ca say is wow. it has been a long time since i got genuinely scared by a game, i'm talking silent hill 1 and 2 days. but this. the times when i turned around and...well, you know. perfect scares. the bridge, that was great too. the only thing i didnt really like that seemed a bit goofy was the face on the car. i think what would have been scarier would have been to just leave it as a regular car with the freaky looking dude in it, but have the car suddenly rev up and bump the back of the bike, and then as you're trying to get away, he bangs into you every now and then. Also the tunnel bit was cool, and creepy, but it wore off after a while. if the sounds had changed to make it sound like she was getting faster (even if she wasnt) that woulda kept it going. and the hands in the walls were creepy as heck too, but again it wore off after a while. maybe if there had been full bodies crashing out of the walls near the end to ramp it up before the climax. Apart from that, this was amazing. and what and ending. that was a hands over the mouth ''holy s***'' moment. great job man seriously great job.

This was awesome, i only looped twice so far so i dont know if theres actually a way out of this cyclical time loopiness, but i love me some timey wimey wibbly wobblyness man. plus the lighting was great, and the resolution gives it a cool aesthetic. nice work, would love to see a longer bigger fleshed out version with an ending. but as it is, its still awesome.

this was awesome, i would love a different ending added where you get the feathers and complete the you know what for you know who down in the you know where just for fun. i loved how everything changed too. im trying not to spoil owt, so soz if i sound cryptic, but if you know you know. anyway loved it, kinda wish id letsplayed it now.

this just made me wanna crack out the good ol Retroarch emulator and blast me some FF9 again. thanks.

wow, this is amazing. The physics are really good and its so smooth, i mean as smooth as it ca be. it plays really well. i dont think i ever played this back in the day, in fact the only 3d games i remember from back then was lawnmower man with its weird bous sections, and starfox. i mean i know there were 3d games out there, but on the consoles, there werent many, and i never knew this existed for the megadrive. i thought this kinda thing was only out in arcades and then on the next gen like the playstation and saturn etc. anyway, this is epic. great job man.

Any chance of analog sticks being added, or fully remappable controls? I'm kinda curious why the controls weren't just made the same as the original what with the PS1 being the first playstation to have analog controls. This is great by the way, i never actually got to play Bloodborne, and as gutted as i am it isnt the fullgame, its still great nonetheless. really great job. Demakes are awesome.

defo agree with 3. I'm such an OG gamer that my first computer was a ZX Spectrum. So I was a teenager when the PS1 came out. I had spent my younger years playing Sega Megadrive and snes with D-pad controls, and when the PS1 came out i did the same there. when the Analog controller came out it tok me some getting used to. I still played my driving games with the D-Pad, and the same for platformers. it wasn't till the PS2 came out that i actually eded up using the sticks more, and then never looked back. and when i replay my Playstation 1 games on my PS2 or on retroarch, i always use the sticks. It was really weird controllig a character using he D-Pad again. The sticks make the characters feel lighter and more responsive, whereas the d-pad makes them feel slower. and your reactions for things like imply turning around feel slower. they probably arent, but they just feel that way. and I don't know if I'm the only one that does this, but i find myself pushing the d-pad buttons down harder to try and make the character move faster, even though it does nothing. I actually think i got that habit of pushing the buttons harder or softer because f the pressure sensitivity they put into the PS2 pads, which was great for drivng games and MGS. Anyway I'm getting off track. My point is that yes, while this is a PS1 era demake, the PS1 was the first generation to have dual analog sticks. I remember seeing on game boxes labels that let you know if they were analog compatible or not. I still play my copy of Wing Commander 4 using the analog sticks, and i think the addition of analog sticks would be great. in fact it would leave the D-Pad open for other things. with the PS1 being the first console to have analog sticks ( as far as i remember) I'm surprised the demake wasn't made to have the exact same control scheme as the original game, a game that I'm sad to say....I have never played. Thats right, this OG gamer has never played BloodBorn. And this demake is my first taste of the game. so no matter what this game doesnt have compared to the original, i wont notice, but the d-pad only movement, i do notice. In fact i think it would be good to allow players to remap the controls however they like. With the type of game it is, i think it would be really handy. For example, for some reason i keep pressing Square to attack. I think its because i've played so many games where Square (Xbox X, Nintendo Y) has been the attack button. And i keep instinctively going to use the right stick to move the camera. And it would be nice to be able to just map the controls. I think this is great by the way. I dont know if the full game is here, but it just shows that its how games work, and not how they look that make them good games. I would love to see a full demake of Cyberpunk 2077. Not only would it probably work a hell of a lot better with Ps1 graphics, but I could also finally get to play Cyberpunk on my old as heck Lenovo Ideapad305 15ibd. thats oneof the reasons i love things like this, because it means i can play games i couldnt otherwise play. Its not a bad laptop for its age, i can still play Borderlands, Half life 1 n 2, halo 1 n 2, and newer stuff like Inscryption (even if it is a little laggy at times) and any pixel games. in fact most the games i play are from ichio simply cuz of how old my computer is. and when i saw on gameranx that this had been made, i had to dive in and give it a try. I would love to see so many games demade. Like i'd love o see a pixelated 2d version of God of war 1 2 and 3 mixing side scrolling with overhead and isometric views, but be completely pixelated. I'd love to see a pixelated version of Red Dead Redemption one and two that looked more like Westerado. The guys that make these demakes are awesome geniuses that prove that what makes a game isnt always ray trace everything  bla bla bla. dont get me wrong i love some nice graphics, i really do, but it seems like a lot of AAA games these days focus too much on what games look like than how they work or what they do, so much so that they use the looks as their selling point, kinda like the recent unreal 5 demos like the matrix one, where it showed all the pretty, but the cars windshields still glitched out of existence after they got so far away. Games these days seem to be the same bag of nuts and bolts with the same glitches and problems, just wrapped in a nicer bag. And then someone comes along and makes something like this, and basically takes that pretty bag and not only replaces it with sturdy durable burlap and leather, but also fixes some of the worn threads on those nuts and bolts. i know, that was the worst analogy ever, but you get my point. This thing is an amazing acheivement and a great showcase of what is possible when you have limitations. I just wish one of those limitations wasn't analog sticks and remapping controls.

Sorry for the novel, my fingers get carried away sometimes...a lot of the time...all of the time.

A 7z extension is basically a zip file, if u have winzip or winrar, you should be able to unpack it, playstation emulator games are packed using this alot, in fact heres a link to the unpacker i use for my psx 7z roms, dont worry its free once you download it, you canm unpack or look in the 7z file just like a zip file. theres also a thing called 'unecm' u can get, where you just drag n drop the file over the app in the folder the app is in, and it automatically unpacks it...but icant remember if it does 7z files, worth checking just in case. hope this helps as not alot of people know what a 7z is.