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Don Miguel

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nice and moody

It was very addicting. And the controls were quite nice. I was expecting to hear some slithering SFX tho ^__^

You need some skills to kill with the prison ball.
good work!

Somehow I managed to get our of the level (the spider was invisible, but u could scroll all the level anywhere. I saw falling rocks etc)

This is a very nice JAM project. There are some other similar projects where u have a companion. But your looks the most complete and deep. Thank u.

your ,LOVE version is wrongly packed. Try to run it yourself and try to fix.

It was nice but short ^_^

got crash after the picnic.
but the modern dizzy looks nice ^_-
many friends & companions

Just wow! ))) I wish the dots were more visible ^_-

Wow! I've made it home with 9 HP left ) Nice.

I like it )

the 1st text line :-
- go left -
(but u should go right)

There are 35 entries. There were 36, in the beginning.

But only 10 people have voted so far. How so?

Thank you.

I've removed 2 files that caused the crash.
Added the fixed version.

> People who rate you should do so based on the original version.

It is pretty fair then.
I've rated all the entries yesterday. Fixed 1 crashing .love file (it was packed with a folder).
All the rest entries were pretty playable from the box.

The gameplay is so hardcore! Those jumps! ^_^

- Wait what? )))
cool tiny game