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How do I unlock the Don in this version?

wow! might be cliche to say but I sure was not expecting that direction and the writing is simple but captivating!

Oh my heck, this is precious and the art is gorgeous! Tbh, I really want to see more of them. T^T

That 6 Nimble door lock requires an absurd amount of grinding to pass, even with the shortcut to spawn an enemy. -_-;

Interesting so far. Will be following to see the full game. One complaint I do have is that the control for the bubble game is far too slow. Not sure if the game's lagging or what but...

Ah, two of them are Frail. I guess between that and occasional fights between each other... Well, then, I supposed I'll just keep buying bandages until they level up. tx

Mm, sometimes but it's not all four of them and yet all four are losing health.

That's the thing, there's no negative events happening in the reports. The mansion is clean. I'm praising away any stress as soon as it comes up. I keep up plenty of food stores. No one is complaining about luxury. No one feels sexually neglected. I'm meeting *every* need that there's feedback for.

Why is everyone losing health every day no matter how much I work to meet their needs?