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are you playing on windows or mac?

Thank you for playing!!

Thank you! We really want to add more windows (and consequently chaos!) if we get the chance, but we might move on to other projects first.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for playing!!

Thank you for the high praise!! If there is one thing I would want my games to be, it's epic. :)

Thank you so much for the feedback! Braeden is super happy with the way the music and sounds came out and I think we're all really proud of the final product. Also, really enjoyed your game! The pixel art is very very nicely put together. :) Thank you for leaving a comment!

I'd love to hear the trick you found - might be a bug we need to fix. Thank for playing and leaving a comment!

Maybe one day we'll add more. We got a late start (really digging into it about midday on Saturday), and with more time more windows would have been the first thing we added. We have plans for quite a few more, but whether they get realized is a whole different question. Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you :D it seems like the chaotic part really came through clearly which we're super happy about! Thank you for playing!

The best comment in the world! Thank you for playing!

Definitely something we would have included if given more time, thanks for playing!

Working on it now!

me too

Oh awesome, thank you! I was unaware of the shortcut. I hope this gets added!

Tilekit community · Created a new topic Reload Tileset

I was wondering if it would be possible to tie the map to a tileset, so that when you edit the tileset image it would update in tilekit automagically.

Love the concept, btw.

PS: please change the font, i beg

Yep, many of the features we tried to add broke on us, and that was one of them. Thanks for playing it!

Under further inspection, I don't need it, I just had to hit "retarget solution". Thanks for your help!

Ok, thank you for the clarification! Do I need the Windows SDK to build it? Visual Studio gave me that error, but I'm not sure I was doing it right...

Thanks again.

Hey I know this is old, but there's no "skip the payment" option here. It's 5 bucks minimum. What should I do? I can build it from source, but binaries that I know work would be nice. Thanks!