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<3 <3 <3

Thaaaaaaaanks !!! As we state, the setting is not friendly for one player (we know lol) and were more intended for two players sharing one controler. But this repetitive point makes me think that we might create something like the Twister game in the future ahah, even if you play it alone, you would have to make a real gymnastic with you finger on the controler ! Cheers <3

Thanks ! About the control remap : the fact that we split the control across the keyboard or between the joystick, can't be otherwise. We know it's weird and not friendly, it was not intented to be in a way, because the main goal of this setting was to share 1 controler for two people, as the two souls share 1 body to survive together, in order to incarnate the hybridization. If you have the opportunity, hybrid and synched yourself with another one to play it, I can guarantee you it will be fun ! (you might end up killing each other too indeed ;) )

Thaaaaaaaaaaanks !!  You bet we will be back again with a monstruous one ;)

Thank you !!

Thanks man, stay tune, we might be back some day with one ;)

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We knew that it would be weird to play it alone but it was a the core of the narrative has you guessed. Glad you still enjoyed it, it consolidate our belief that radical concept like this (and a translated english lol) can be effective ! Thank you !

Thanks guys ;)

As it has been said before, very intuitive and enjoyable game. Your concept is efficient and addictive, it kept me trying over and over to get as far as possible , so well done !