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The oh shit heard round the world

I really appreciate this game, I feel cozy with Corpsebreath and Deathrend and our Pad See Ew.

Holy fuck this is some awesome shit. I would pay some serious dollarydoos for a full length game with this gameplay.

Coots seems to be disgusted <3

I an robert cop 3

Loved this a lot - Are the poems / songs that all the people say supposed to fit with the music? It really seemed like they did but that might've just been me. 

I really love this. This is exactly what I want out of an itch game... gives me that perfect feeling. I only wish I could look up a little more in the first person view.

You are my second favorite developer on itch after Connor Sherlock, everything you make is good

There aren't that many games that come so close to the feeling of actually living a nightmare. When I'm having a stressful day at work I play something like this to reset myself and clarify my brain and it makes me feel better. 5/5

Holy crap I love this. I wish this had taken off instead of Mario and AAA titles were whatever genre this is.