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Lust zombies? Sounds like Lust of the dead XD your story is much better

spunky girls are the best and awsome I love more Heather content and looking forward to purchasing the update in February as it's around the corner and can assured you I'll be feedback requesting for more fun with her.

Alex reminds me of a girl in highschool where doing pep rallys we had fun 

Sarena is fun and all but want to play with val more ;) like interaction with the hole at night

I would love to see a yuki-onna

if you have several prepaid cards with different amounts can you pay half with one card and the other half with another? 

Hope there a Kitsune in the future that would be epic

lol another thing she could do is hold you down with her tails ;) keep up the great work 

like picking up the mc and pinning him upside-down on a wall then blowing him?

One time purchase with free upgrades or periodically?

Is this a one time purchase with free upgrade or periodically purchasing?

think about time to jump back into this masterpiece hope I can have with the silver fox

Wow where to star a.b.c probly try the free one to see how it is 

Going to check this out sounds like an interesting ride

Hoping more Jin fun like hot spring or shower

it's an event they will trigger later on in the game

awsome I played the recent demo and it was great Heather reminds me of a girl I used to have fun with during pep rally's

So if the demo is .5 n the main game is .55 it must pack with goodies.

I must say have characters with different body types and personality as well great story paste is breath of fresh air keep up the fantastic work

want to download but do want to be blindside if another build comes as i do

I'm more curious on that icon a threesome tease with hellhound and catgirl?

2 weeks they said

Hope we get a glory hole for vale in the Mc room as they share a wall

public builds (free) are after a few days from the patreon builds (paid)

keep progressing she showed up after a few days for me

was an interesting experience n hope to have fun with the ghost girl 

Game doesn't work asks me to rollback ex

so any treats In store for us? Like a build or info

each escort has a different bonus upon searching salvage areas is important to know who has what so you can get what you need.

I think they said later on so probably in a couple more update prehaps in 10

please let there be a fox girl :)

lay with a ghost huh.... neat, i like to have more fun time n repeatable action in the future

after the update i cant enter the other rooms as there cut off now

Visit bastet.....sweet so fun time with Aya on visit yes?

can you also fix the sources as i cant see the mission as there invisible or glitch together  

yup I honestly thought intament action would happen on it 😅

You still can invite hell into your room for playtime still yes?

Haven't played in awhile been preoccupied but has the lovely fox women been added for nightly visits?

Looking forward to play it hoping for the news anchor to get closer

been there I bailed from a deal cause a character was not heavily sexualized and changing from what makes the character so I respect your decision.

Shame all that hard work gone humm any way to use her in another way and have her slowly grow on them? 

Good job, another thing I wanted to do is stay with the kitty a bit longer lol, looking forward to the 2nd one and hope a vengeful ghost who just wants to be loved is part of it lol