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Maybe agents could come in neutral/light/dark varieties. Each "Agent" type representing an archetype like nyotas described. (merchant/barabarian/dark cultist/light worker, etc.) And of course you as the player can use Power to corrupt or otherwise manipulate them...and perhaps take direct control if you corrupt them far enough into your evil clutches. (presumably easier to gain control over dark cultist types)

Holy cow, just discovered this the other day via the 'That Which Sleeps' beta forums. This is incredibly impressive. You seem to have captured about 60% of the essence of the original vision of 'That Which Sleeps', pre-kickstarter anyway, and done so casually and in less than 60 days.

And its already fully playable and actually fun! My first V9 game has been pretty epic. (spread my little egg devils, SPREAD!, muahahaha)

anyway, just wanted to thank you for this and I'll be waiting for your kickstarter! Please PLEASE keep this up!