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Great game! Didn't expect Peter to take moving boxes so seriously! LOL

Tried to play the game and it opened to what appeared to be like a screen saver - couldn't move or do anything. You can hear the ladies voice but had no controls. Would like to play the game for my channel. 

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Great game my guy! Will be playing them on my channel - hopefully I do your games justice! Love the thick characters!!😂😂 Maude and Sam got body!!! 

Thanks my guy! Looking forward to more games from you!

Very Creepy game...

Creepy and immersive game...gave me chills. would love a little more explanation of the backstory of the game but lots of fun...made me spill my bejeebers!

Part 2 - this was a good puzzle type point and click. Can't wait to see what's next

Part 1 - great game! So good I have a Part 2!

She got legs...and she knew how to use them! LOL great game!

great game!

These jumpscares bro!! great game! Is there a part 2 or any updates?

The ending took me by surprise - dude snuffed me tho! lol

That jumpscare with lil Timmy was legit! great game!

short game but legit gave a good jumpscare! great game! loved the graphics

Part II

Part 1

I got the good ending or true ending I guess - loved the game and it gave a different humanity i was not expecting but we made the right choices i guess. lol...loved it though!

This is a dope style of horror. 

What in the Wascally Wabbit is going on here?!?

Mr. Klein tryna clap our cheeks!

Oh we killing her all 6 ways! LOL

Hopefully I did the game justice! Check out my channel! Loved the game!

Is there a setting for "Windowed" instead of "Full Screen"?

Is there a window mode? Or is it just full screen only? 

Is there a way for it to not be fullscreen?

Loved the game my guy! Had to put it on the channel. Jump on over and check me out. 

cool beans! I will try that, thanks!

I think this game is well put together and thought out. Loved the graphics and interaction and story...

That sphere on the table was a game from the 80's called "Simon Says" my guy. you had to remember the colors that lit up in a sequence to win.

He got one of us! I forgot about the inventory!! I'm going to play it again tho!!

I really liked it - but why my man had to hit me with a two-piece and a biscuit???

I liked this game it's cool my man! Make more!

Great game! great atmosphere!

It worked! Thanks!

Hi Kyle! Would love to play this for my channel but I'm a new YouTuber (only about 100 videos) but the game plays in full screen - are there plans for a Windowed option perhaps as that seems to play better for me and it doesn't appear like laggy when I replay/edit? Love the game from what I've seen thus far!

I just downloaded it! looked up the type of file and stuff so I will see if it will work. 

Never mind...i should have read. lol

How are you supposed to move?? I'm hitting all the keys and my guy just stands there.

How do I open the game to play it? It comes up with this .rar extension and I'm being asked what app I want to open it up with on my PC? I was looking to see if there were any files to extract to get to the game but there is name. Please help!