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Looking forward to more :) I got stuck a bit, which made it less scary and kind of takes from it, but thats my fault lol but agree its a little confusing. Only feedback is my ending had an error (nothing there) I don't want to spoil anything lol but I think it's a nice game demo to try out :) Congrats on winning the jam! 馃憤 

Still finishing up, but have part done, and so far it seems very interesting. Makes me want to see what I have to finish it lol...Has cute engaging story and characters. It could be an anime show lol 馃槀 Hope the rest is good, so far I'd recommend to play and support dev.   馃憤 

I loved this game a lot. It was creative and most importantly fun, look forward to playing devs other ones. :)  I can barely find entertaining games to play. Played a good bit, even from big devs, and this offers me more lol...anyhow recommend to play and support :)