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Pretty awesome! Wish it was a bit longer with some more spooks but great nonetheless!

I thought it was alright but the 'monsters' weren't all that scary, I guess I was expecting an SCP type mind-fuck experience.

I expected something scary to happen but I couldn't figure out the puzzle it was just a bit too confusing for me but I went ahead and made a video on it! Hope to see more :)

Pretty good! I wasn't expecting to be running from ducks this week!

Another awesome horror game by Matt Reeves! You guys should try it for yourself, see if you get stuck in the same spot as me! Looking forward to updates!

Awesome thanks for the info I seriously couldn't find it lol look forward to any updates!

Really neat game, could use some light bug fixing for graphics/lighting otherwise I thought it was cool! (i got stuck unfortunately)

Thought it was pretty good for the most part, a lot of walking though, some more variation would be nice and the ending was actually a nice surprise/break from running from the killer, can't wait to see more!

I tried playing this game, first of all it's absolutely a copy of Baldi's Basics, no doubt. Secondly, although it's your first game, there are so many problems that need to be fixed such as hitbox sized and issues, model sizing (chairs same height as tables), the speed of the enemy, doors not opening at all or even quickly enough to get in, random characters roaming the halls that do nothing, and just overall design flaws that need to be addressed. Again I understand it's your first game so I suggest you look into these issues and maybe even some more tutorials on game design for Unity so that with your next game you don't run into these issues again.

An AMAZING little demo and concept, voice over/acting was really well done and I can't wait to play the full game when it's done!

Really different from other story-driven games, didn't go too far into it but I might play more in the future!

Really goofy yet a little difficult game, liked it though!

Awesome cute game! Would love to see more spooky levels added and some cinematic polish (like an intro) otherwise awesome work for such short time!

Awesome game as always! Never expected the bear to come after me (even though I should have)

Pretty awesome! Didn't get to finish it but I will eventually, always love these gamed Dave!

I don't know if it was my monitor or the game, just found myself in a pitch black room with a tv and a radio? Couldn't find out how to do anything.

Just as horrifying and hard to beat as the original, happy birthday Baldi! You son of a...

It was a cool game! Actually had me somewhat scared, but still not scary enough ;)

I've turned on all 3 control panels, the first encounter i had 1 not activated and the cutscene activated but the second time all 3 were turned on before I entered the boss room.


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The game is actually really well made and has a great horror atmosphere, I even made a video on it! (2 more coming soon) However I did encounter a bug maybe? I beat Dorothy and made my way to where the monster first attacks you, I died but when I went back to face the monster, I can see him standing on the scaffolding but nothing I do triggers the attack anymore, spent about 20 minutes trying to get him to go! Either way, great game!

I went ahead and tried it myself, honestly a really cool concept that makes it better than other "clones", honestly difficult but the difference in width and height make it difficult to jump sometimes.

This game looks cool in concept, but there's some terrible mouse accel when I played it, also felt there were a little too many enemies, as well they have that Far Cry 1 bot mentality and will notice you from a mile away.