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Decided to go in order and see what the other stories were like, I was no disappointed :D

I absolutely loved this game and I had a blast playing it :D

I originally found this game on another site but figured I would post it here too for the people of itchio, this was a awesome game to play I cant wait for the full release :D

Here's my gameplay of I'm Still Here, definitely not what I expected coming in but in a good way :) its a cute short funny horror game with a surprise twist.

my brutally honest review of the game

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Played the demo, didn't know it was cancelled at the time but it was ok.

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My take on this awesome game :D

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pretty fun but short game it would be awesome if it got expanded to multiple rooms with a cool backstory :D but here's my take on it!

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I did my own look at breach and clean and its certainly a different indie game xD

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what an interesting game to say the least lol I had fun with it, here's my little let's play of the game :D