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Cynical Poptart

A member registered Jul 02, 2019

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Im sure this is a pointless question and probably answered elsewhere but I just tried to jump on the Riot app for the first time in a long while and it said they updated to Matrix app, and that it can't connect to the server that VivaProject was on. Any tips for that?

Too late, I already subbed :P

I really like that this is basically a free to try type thing but also that you're so invested in it. I feel like an a**hole for not paying right now, but I promise, I've got like 8USD atm and get paid this Friday and if I end up with the extra, I 100% will donate to the cause, probably multiple times. Hard times, lol, but thank you for bringing this to the table as a "name your price" asset. **I'll be back**