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That would be pretty cool, I'll definitely keep it in mind.

Ok. Feel free to join our discord server at to help out.

That looks really great! We already have an artist, so would you be willing to change your style a little to suit theirs?

How about you use that email ( and send me some of your work. If you have character art, please send it. Are you going into grade 9 or grade 8?

Hey Guys!

I'm Rohan, a high school student who is a hobbyist coder. A few friends and I have started work on a new game. It's a 2D battle royale platformer. Since we're looking to crowdfund the game, we're looking for some talented pixel artists to create some assets for us!

Requirements and notes:

1. Since we're students, we also want student artist(s) to work with us! We would love high school students 14 or older, but the oldest we will accept is university/college students.

2. Be comfortable with remote work! We already have a composer to make us an original soundtrack which is awesome, but he lives far away from us. We have a Discord server that we will be able to invite you to, but you should have a decent (approx 1-2 days, preferably less) response time, and you should be active, turn notifications on, because when we need to talk to you, we need to talk.

3. Please, for Pete's sake, be dedicated! I've found two other artists on other sites, but they quit without any explanation, leaving us high and dry. We need a committed individual who won't leave us hanging (again, goes with the communication point).

4. There's a crap ton of work to do. If you're the only artist, you will need to be comfortable with making multiple (possible dozens) of character sprites and their animations, as well as a couple of extremely large-scale backgrounds, as our map will be quite large. There's also no pay, so know what you're getting into.

5. There might actually be pay! It all depends on whether you (and us, but mostly you) do your work well enough. Like I said, we want to crowdfund the game on Kickstarter, so in order to do that we need some game screenshots or designs. That means it's up to the artist to make some hella attractive sprites! If we reach the goal and get the money, we can pay you a commission (we'll figure it out later, don't get your hopes up because it's not decided)

6. You will get full credit in the credits section of our game. Don't worry about working with us, we're a group of super nice teenage boys and we won't scam you. I give you my word.

7. Please email me or comment down below, I believe you can do so directly from the site but I would rather you used instead of my personal email. Let me know your best qualities and your pixelation username. Feel free to send samples of your character art. This art will be 32-bit I believe so also make sure you can do that.

Thanks guys! Don't be afraid to show your interest, we will accept both genders, just be a student and speak English!

Rohan, Launch Development