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Ah very good, thanks for the intro music  link as well

Could You tell me what the Intro Music is? Really loved it and the story, got the 3 endings but I found this area with a question mark that never seemed to activate is this a bug? Or did I miss something.

Looking forward to the remake :)

I burst out laughing when I ordered a plain pizza with nothing on it, definitely the best ending by far and well worth the $2

Very good, I liked the style of your writing.

Nice, looking forward to it.

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Hi there I purchased the apk version from here and I have been enjoyed the read immensely on my commute. Are you going to make any novels in the future?

If you do set one up keep us posted so I can pledge 👍

Nice, best of luck with the new work, have you got a patreon set up?

So what are you going to work on next? Any chance of a sequel? :)

Just purchased it now, I paid an extra $5 because I just feel its worth it! Love the setting and characters, great work dude.

Hi I first found this game on newgrounds ages ago, are you still working on it? Its worthy of a steam release so you can make some money off it, you deserve it since its great stuff man.