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A member registered May 18, 2020

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hope for a new update soon

rip mayer without you this vn will not be the same  your song on this vn was great rest in peace. and sorry for my bad english

hope for a new update soon

the description convince me to play this game xd and sorry for my bad english

i hope for a new update soon

nice game

nice game

the only news i got from him xd

how many time before next update?

we gonna have an update next month xd

i really like this game and hope for an update soon

hope for an update tomorrow

hope for a new update soon


hope for new update soon

idk have to ask him on twitter it's an answer so have to wait

love this update hope for more nsfw

nice news

i hope for we can download your game using itchio application for the next update xd

nice character hope for an update next month

that's a good news

can we have some news or a date for the next update cypher?


it's gonna turn in a dead game

hope for we get a new update for july

thats a very good news

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i hope for a new update soon really like the game 

i hope you get more time for your game and don't rush take all the time you need before posting and good luck

j'arrive à comprendre l'anglais mais le probleme sais que sa me prend du temp déja que je lit lentement j'aurais bien voulu aidé à la traduction mais bon je suis pas assée bon pour sa xd

la version final du jeux sera traduite ou ne sera que en anglais perso j'aime bien ton jeux mais bon pour se qui est de traduir je suis nul xd

nice news

so when you gonna update this game cypher?

bruh so no more french version

hope for a new update soon