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Best of luck and enjoy! 

Anyone else also joining a jam for the first time? Truly excited to test myself and more importantly, learn.

This is really Awesome! I've been playing for a few minutes and I'm already excited. The graphics are cute and brings out a nice aesthetic and brings this nostalgic feeling. And the UI is done AMAZINGLY. Smooth and good-looking. The playbacks of the happenings of each character is a nice touch and just shows the effort that went into this. I can see this game being a hit when there are a ton of unique and intricate cases to be solved. Keep up the great work!

Really cool. It looks aesthetically pleasing and it was fun. Everything was smooth and I didn't see any bugs in my playthrough. Keep it up!

No prob man. Lol I also have a bit to learn, but Im pretty close to posting my first game. Wish me luck :)

Hey. The game is pretty sweet man and the concept of the prison vibe is implemented okay. I'm a unity dev too lol so I might geek out about some small details and I might end up writing a paragraph. But anyway. The game is okay but there are a few things I would change if you don't mind my opinion. The opening credits and name is pretty nice and simplistic but no main menu which kinda jumped the game on me unexpectedly and also I didnt know what to do in the beginning. Also, the camera moving while the game is paused and the rest is frozen is likely intentional (im guessing you used unscaledDeltaTime in the camera script if im correct. idk lol), and its okay but it gave me an initial impression that the pause was broken and also makes it feel weird to navigate the pause menu. And also the textures seems to be scaled up really weirdly. Like the tile texture on the ground's material is a bit stretched where the textures on objects aren't. But I understand that the assets and stuff are obtained from different sources and I get that they dont always fit with each other 100% perfectly. Aaaaand I also noticed that the building's rooms aren't connected (i super jumped to peek through the window above the doors lol) and it seems you switch between scenes for each room. There is more detailed advise I could give but its alot but overall the game is nice. I suggest you try importing ProBuilder for levels and stuff and yah. Hope it helps.

These are awesome!!!

The idea is very unique and amazing. Love it.

Its awesome!