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Would love to try this one, but how do I play?

I just see the start menu, but clicking on the play button with my mouse does nothing. Bashing all keyboard buttons do nothing either.

Will do! Will reply there soon. Thank you for notifying me! Steam forums were empty until now. :)
And glad you like the game!

Thank you! Great that you liked the game.

Bug reports with savegames are always especially awesome! Will figure out if this is a new bug or a similar one that I've already fixed and will be gone in the next demo :)

Very good feedback, thank you!
I've been hard at work trying to fix up the game for the next update. Parts of what I'm currently doing are actually inspired by this comment.

The lack of pressure on some of the layers of map is a very good point. I've addressed it partly for the next update (Coming soon). So one thing I've done is made it so that in the next version travel in the system map also costs a bit. 0.3 years per jump from sector to sector. The enemy levels up according to how much time they've had to build their forces. So if you jump around too much in the system map and do things in a weird order the enemy will level up more. You might not want to risk attacking a big enemy force that you flew past first to get to some resources. Since now not only will it add X amount of time to your journey the force also keeps getting bigger.

I've also made the enemy strength indicators in the system map work better. You will actually get useful info from those next update. They will also change a bit every time you fly from sector to sector.

All of this stuff won't solve what you are saying completely, but it will definitely add more pressure and make it make more sense design wise.

I've got a few other small things I want to add aswell to complete the design.

Glad you liked it overall though! :)

Hey! Love and apreciate all your awesome videos and all the feedback you've given me! Really glad you've enjoyed the game this much so far. Completely agree with your decision to hold off on more videos til final release. There should be a bunch interesting new content for you to get excited about again aswell by then!

I had to take a slight break so took my time to reply to this. Sorry about that.

I'll reply to the specific stuff now:

1. Double event bug. Yeah that's both good and extremely annoying. I will actually look into that right now.
2. Ship themes will take a bit of graphics work time from me. Which I can't prioritize before finishing the story and fixing the final bugs. But I do want the same stuff and will try to get it done as soon as possible.
3. Multiple save files will be in the next update. 

Thanks again, Cyberwolf! :)


Sorry for not replying earlier and thank you for the feedback! Which version were you on if you happen to know? We're you on the latest that was downloadable here? 

This bug should be solved already, but you might've happened on a new different case of the same bug. I will take a look.

Thank you!

Thank you for the great feedback! Really motivational stuff to read!

1. Will get on that soon! Also multiple save games since that has been requested a lot and is a basic feature which I need to have longer term.
2. Got it, will fix. At first by just downing the volume of that sound effect, but I should also just switch it out with a better one aswell longer term wise.
3. That is indeed a common resolution I have missed. I will add the button for that in the next update. In the meantime though you can play in 1280x1024 by editing it directly in the options file of the game. Go to Users/YourUsername/Local/Voidship on your computer. Open the file game_options.ini in just regular notepad. (If you are not familliar with stuff like this you might need to turn on show hidden files in windows to see this folder and the file) Then edit the resolution width and height into that file directly. It will not work on old save games, but if you start a new game it should play correctly with 1280x1024 resolution.

Thanks again! :)

That sounds pretty terrible. Hard to see how that can still happen, but apparently it can and I am still missing something.. Thank you for the awesomely quick feedback again!

Save game would be awesomely helpful. The save game is in Users/Username/AppData/Local/Voidship and is called Voidship-Save-082.dat. You can send it to me at or upload it to whatever file site and post the link here.

Hey again!

I hopefully just fixed this. Download v 0.821D. Then if I did everything correct you could load that same old savegame that you had crash (if you still have it and have not pressed new game after the crash that is).

Hopefully this time the fix works. I finally managed to recreate the bug on my machine and this fix fixed it for me. But it is a pretty weird issue and other spin offs of it could pop up at a later time again.

Thank you for the quick report! Very much apreciated.
This bug is my main nemesis right now. The last update should have fixed it, but it didn't. So I am going back in on this right now.

Also. If you or someone else can give me a savegame which crashes in this way that would be majorly helpful. Since one of the big problems in fixing this bug is I've yet to recreate it on my machine. Can't get it to happen in any logical easy fast way.

That docking bug. Was that also after this corrupted save load or a completely separate thing just during playthrough?

Hey! I took a small break from dev and have been offline for a bit.

I'm back now and read your feedback. This is absolutely awesome stuff! Thank you! This is about as good and motivational as feedback gets. You liked the game, but also can point out things i can improve.

I'm very apreciative of that. I just wanted to reply with this as soon as I saw, to tell you that I did read this. I'll post a longer reply a bit later going over the specific points you raised.

Very cool stuff!

Enjoying the demo and where this game seems to be headed. Good luck on

Sorry about that! :/

I will figure it out and fix it. Hopefully by next update. This is pretty much my last final giant game killing bug, all the rest of dev is just adding content after I fix this.

I very much apreciate the kind words. Glad you think the game is excellent! Glad to see my hard work paying off :)

Yup. Sorry about that! Fixing it. Hopefully should be in next update.

Thank you for the bug report it is very helpful and helps me fix this stuff a lot faster! :)

Yup. This is my one big final save - load bug. Very sorry about that :/ It's alpha and these things happen. Trying to get it sorted right now. Hopefully will have it fixed by next update. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for the bug report! I apreciate it a lot!

Thank you! That is very much apreciated.

Since this is just the demo for testing right now and the final game will be a commercial one I can't open up much more for exploration in the demo. I will add maybe a system or two more in the next upload though. 

Thank you for the great feedback!

I'm working on solving that bug right now. I know what the problem is, but the fix will take a bit of time. For now I turned off saving while in the battle map in the game. Progression is still saved in the system map though.

Awesomely useful feedback. As I already told you on discord.

But I'll just publically reply here aswell that this was caused by a memory leak type bug. Which I now due to you found and fixed. The fix will be in the next demo version. Thank you! :)

Awesome stuff! This was very cool to watch. Very fun to see you slowly get more into it and figure more stuff out.

Thanks for the cool video again!

I also followed you on twitter. I've been adding youtuberss and more active playtesters names (slightly modified usually) into the crew roster aswell. I can add you too. Can discuss that on twitter.

Awesome! Thanks for the great positive feedback.

Yes. The non-random story missions themselves are unscripted. I should have either scripted them fully or left them out of the demo. Sorry about that. I will fix this very soon!


Watching the video now. Thank you for doing this! :)

Taking all feedback into account. Tutorials are pretty hard to create and there's a lot to explain. The tutorial is definitely still work in progress. From watching you play I will move the pausing thing to earlier in the tutorial and try to shorten overall. I see some things on the end that are not needed. Other things to finish the game are priority though, so this tutorial stuff will take a few weeks to be properly finalized :)

But like I said, thanks for playing and thanks for making the video!

This is fixed now in the new demo v 0.79. Thank you! :)

(1 edit)

Fixed this in the new demo v 0.79!

Heh. Sorry about the crash. Next version (will upload in a couple of days) fixes a bunch of crashes.

Otherwise thanks for playing and for the positive feedback!

Thank you for the great feedback!

That's true. I find it annoying myself so I'll implement a fix to count down faster if there are no enemies. Also I've rebalanced and made the defense missions harder aswell.

Both of these two tweaks should be in the next version. Which is ready in a day or two.

Nice! Thank you for the kind words! :)

I'll have an atleast slightly longer demo up with a bunch of fixes soon. This will be a paid game soon though so regretfully I can't completely unleash the demo.

It's mostly just me (1 guy) for about 75% of the game by now. So I take these comments especially to heart. Thank you again!

Awesome of you to say so. Thank you!

I might up the max size to 7x5 a bit later, I am still thinking about that. It would need some extra balancing + optimization.

That is indeed the bug!

Thank you for the report! I'll have a new version up in a few days which will have this (and a lot of other stuff) fixed! :)

I had a checkbox not filled. Fixed now. Thank you!

Awesome, Thank you!