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I just tried with the Windows build and it works just fine when set to use Proton Experimental on the Steam Deck.
The CRT effect is a bit too smudged together at the 1280x800 resolution, but everything works!

Seconded on the Linux version! I'd love to put this together with its PSX friends on my Steam Deck! :D

This would have blown my mind had it come out back when the CD32 was new! Is there any way to run it through WHDLoad?

Looking great! I hope to see a Linux version at some point in the future :)

Yup, it now works correctly from within the itch app as well as through regular downloading :) Thanks for the quick fix.

There seems to be an issue with the Linux archive. When trying to install the game through the itch app, it complains about "invalid tar header" and checking the file it does indeed seem to be a gzipped tar file, not a regular tar file.
I think renaming the file to the proper ending of "Hedon 1.2.0 Linux 64-bit.tar.gz" should fix this.

This looks pretty great, but I don't own any Windows systems; Is there any chance of a Linux version?

I can confirm that the Linux client now shows the "Install" button and that it downloads the correct package :)

I think the issue is that none of the downloads have been tagged with their respective operating system, making them un-installlable through the client.

Any chance of a Linux version? :D

Is there any chance of a Linux version?