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I only discovered this yesterday and I'm already hooked. Thanks, you're a legend; not only is it more streamlined than actual Civ 5, it plays so much more fluidly as well. 

Hi there, I am captivated by Fallen but cannot afford it at the moment. Could I please claim a community copy? There are none available right now.

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Thanks a ton! Hard to beat a Cat scratcher in terms of their positive influence on the Feline world, let alone an entire studio full of them. Thanks again for sharing your creation and your generosity :)

Hi, I'd like to try the game out but cannot afford to purchase it at the moment. I'll be very grateful to grab a community copy but they're all claimed right now (:

Since there are no comments here, and being one of the peeps who claimed a community copy - Thank you Shing, first of all.
I discovered your game through Shut up and sit down's podcast. I don't know how to sew, so I hope that the game becomes transformative for me in multiple ways =)

Thanks a ton, I hope I can contribute some community copies in future :)

I would really like to try the game but I cannot afford to buy it right now.
Any generous peeps/Long Games who would put some Community copies back in stock?