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ah ok, so it's about which sword matters more to you ;)

niiiiiiice, also, can we have a thing where it's possible to get an eagle for yourself after giving back the original? sounds possible in theory

how do you download this game?

Second Early Access?

sweet, you gonna do the same with the other multiple-choice ones too?

can we pick which overwatch girl we want?

so we're going after the generals too? nice; can't wait for the manticore

oh sweet

dude, i love this, and that ending...(i mean that in a good way)

welp, time to clean up my computer and make some space

can we pick which overwatch girl we want?


i just finished the new stuff in the previous version lol

Are you going to make a third one?

i'd like to play this, but i'm kinda done with superheroes after the new suicide squad movie, but i'll think about it

which one is she?

i figured out another way, highlight the "www" folder right-click choose "copy" then go underneath all the folders in the new version, don't highlight anything, right-click and pick "paste" that should do it

i highlight and click on the "www" folder and it doesn't work, it used to though

the copy and paste method, when i do that "continue" isn't an option, just "new game"

i'm trying to do that with 21.06.27 so i can play 21.08.21 without having to start over but it's not working

how do you copy and paste again?

wouldn't that erase all my progress?

ah, i got a version from late 2020 so i should be in for quite the surprise

oh right, i'm on pc, i clicked copy on the www folder for the old version, then clicked paste on the www folder for the new version, but when I go to try out the new version, there is no "continue" option, just "new game"

alright, but how do i fix the copy/pasting problem? it's not working like it used to

how much longer till 1.5 releases? I just finished 1.2

tried copy-pasting with the new update and it didn't work, and i  got this :

your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NW.js.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of NW.js.

are you still working on this or...?


nice, gonna have to wait for free release since I'm low on money

what's new?

when's the next update?

sweet, finally an update

i'm stuck on the underwater puzzle

i tried this once, way too difficult

THANK YOU THOSE ARE BOTH A HUGE HELP, though the write-protected thing is something you should post everywhere cause that's an important heads-up, but I've moved it to a different folder so thank you

dang, I'm sorry, can't tell u how many times I've gone into "Full Rage Recovery Mode" from my save data not staying there

where is the save at?

when it crashed i was doing a job for the thieve's guild in Paverhill, it failed to load images constantly, the saves showed when i saved but were gone after i restarted, i even a different save in slot 2 which was gone entirely, I'm on windows, I think it's on a write-protected folder, but it's not on a USB stick

I have this problem where I keep losing progress after saving, the first time this happened was before fighting lace with her armor in the cave, I had to repeat that two or three times cause the save wouldn't stay, now, I get close to the final battle and start doing side quests and FINALLY GET TO THE DESERT AREA after 50:00:00+ or 60:00:00+ game time, I try to use autosave cause the game crashed during a thieve's guild event, and my playtime is back down to 6:00:00, I don't know what is going on