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1-If you push the Y key while you play you can change the your character's outfit! (after you chose one)

2-If you push the Z key It will highlight all clickable objects!

3-The Control key "reloads" the screen,the only effect that i noticed it did was in the panoramic view of the town and at the lighthouse screen.

4-The Left and Right arrow keys can help you navigate the menus during the game.

I don't know if there  are more but there might be!

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I started a new game on the last playable demo and somehow i got to play as a third character witch was a girl in a school uniform with short black hair .

I "unlocked" her apperently at random and can't find a way to play as her again,did anyone else find this hidden character or more?

I'm curious to know if i'm not the only one who found a hidden character. (maybe there are more?)