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I think a fun mechanic would be a rain cycle, so only during that time period you can catch special fish.  just and idea

I really like this game and I'm glad I bought it!  I like the flipping of the console to determine the line distance, great feature.  The crank is executed very well and I like the waves in the game.  I can't wait to see the features that are added eventually but bravo on a great game!  Enjoying it ton.

Thank You!

Paid for this and I'm glad, its fun and its a perfect fit for the PlayDate!  Sounds are good and clicking of the reels is very nice.  I did notice the payout part of the screen is cut off a little so you don't actually see the coins dropping but that's ok you so get what is going on.  Worth the $2 for sure.  The only thing that might be a great quality of life feature is the ability to lower the music or turn it off.

Thank for the game!

I like this game,  the animation is smooth concept is simple and the crank is awesome  glad this is in my library!  


This is a go to game for fun!  I get crazy frantic trying to put the crank away before that door opens!  ha ha this is fun, and I'm glad I paid for this one!  ok now the big question, tax evader 2! ha ha! 

Thanks for the fun!

Game looks great! 

can't wait!  looking forward to buying this!