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i pre-ordered the game but i cannot find the promised bonus (

  • Exclusive Wallpaper Pack
  • Access to our supporter mini-guide) Could somebody please help me? Where can I access it/download it?

hi, i finished some endings of the game and just wanted to say that i really like it. The atmosphere of the game is portrayed in such a unquiqe way. The music and art is really good too. What also caught my interest is that i read in the tags "yandere" and maybe i am not far enough in the story yet but could you (or anyone) please spoil me who the yandere chara is? thank you in advance!

this game is SO GOOD. Can´t wait for part 2 !11!

i know there will be an updared version available next month but where can i download the old version? I really like the art style and because of some issues with my pc it deleted a lot of game files, including this one :(

i am looking for some good yandere games and found this game so i just wanted to ask *cough cough* who of the characters is the yandere?

oh my god, this game is so amazingly eerie + with a yandere in it? Great writing, i felt the horror. The music adds to the atmosphere, too. I am looking forward to more :´´) also, i found it very neat that Sans singing was impossible to resist because that made the threat and horror of it all even better and made it feel more real 

thank you >.<

It keeps crashing on me after the line 'you won't break me" kn the directors cut:(

omg thanks for your response!! I am so excited to play your new game, i am gonna download it right away! Seriously, your games make my day, thanks so much for all your hard work and I hope you´re feeling better soon <3

this is so amazing! I am so excited to see this game updated! Thank you for making this game!!!

i don´t want to sound annoying or pushy, it´s just that i really like this game, may i ask if there is a release date for further updates in sight...?

i see, thank you for the response

heyy quick question because i am considering if i should buy this game or not... does this game involve the death of the player?

did not expect that!! interesting .

is this game still made ? I don´t see any news on twitter or patreon and i am wondering what´s going with developement? Is everyone doing ok?

omg this is SO GOOD. I can´t wait for the next update when the other route is added! >//<

omg this was amazing. I am just so sad it´s over already... I am looking forward to read more of this story, hopefully soon, i am kind of intrigued now it still delevopement? Because I really like it thus far:/

I loved it! The art is beautiful (seriously, LOOK AT IT), the OST amazing (thank u so much for making an extra section so I can listen to the music on loop XD) and the script is interesting too. What i liked the most was the twist at the very end lol x3 that one 'silly' end was also great haha, so relatable. 

Also, there is an option to either take the medicine or not take it. I feel like there are no consequences either way, not sure if it's supposed to be like that 

Anyways, please play this game and see for yourself. As usual there's a lot of work and thought put into this just like in her other games <3 I am really astonished and admittedly jealous at how talented this creator is:')

the art style is really pretty... Does anyone know what art program was used ?

i am looking foward to more! I chose to be just rude to Castor and it was so much fun to see the situation escalate haha i was really sad when it was over, i want to read more :´)

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EDIT: yep, as i thought, this game is worth it! It is well-written & i am looking forward to more. And the soundtrack is really good too, i hope there will be the option to buy the soundtrack one day:´)

well it´s fine, i was really looking forward to it.
joining patreon for more content was worth my money but i am disappointed at the turn of events lol. I am pretty disappointed that sebastian just...drops the player because of a certain thing. I was just as flabberghasted as alexander tbh wow lol what an awful way to get to know the characters lmao! I got unlucky and aced all dead ends in his route. Anyway, i am very disappointed in the character but the writing is good and the characters make sense so even though i am not really satisfied with the content, i do recommend you to give it a try

a little bit spoilers?

wow sebastian, you´re really hung-up on that stupid "pure girl" concept???? I thought u were better than this XD....his love can´t be that strong, then XD wow XD!

thank you so much !! i loved the update, keep up the good work

I was very surprised by this game! It was so good, I wish it were longer ! At first I was a little skeptical because the beginning didn´t make a good impression on me, especially the mc because bruh this guy sexually assaulted you and i don´t care if he was drunk, you shouldn´t forgive him that easily.... but anyways! It´s a good thing I kept reading because it only got better as time went on. Especially the entire kidnapping plot was so well thought out and written reeeeaaaally really good! SERIOUSLY, REALLY GOOD. I loved that the mc didn´t start having feelings for those guys! I was afraid whether this game would try to redeem these guys ... and i was pleasantly surprised to see that was not the case. !0/10

Also, this game inspired me to try creating a vn, too ... but there is a problem in my code. I want to add sound effects while the characters are talking, just like in this game. I do have some sound effetcs ( and yeah i already tried "play sound [ insert sound ]" or "play music [insert sound]" and tried several tutorials but no one could help me. So if anyone reads this ... please have mercy on me and message me or something D:

well anyways, i would recommend this game ^^ 

omg i can´t get enough of Jack. Hopefully the MC calls him out on his overprotective behavior at one point... (for the sake of drama lol) Anyway... great game. I loved all the characters and the writing style is so vivid! I´ll definetly purchase the whole game when it comes out

I love this game so much :) and I am looking forward to the full game release. I would definitely buy the DLC to see more stories, including Bae and Shiloh and with voice acting. This game has so much potential, really :)

does anyone how to download the version from Feb.18, 2018...? There are more choices in the prologue which I wanted to try out:(