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Wish I could meet you. Thank you in person.

Just found out about your Collection of the Call Me yours Series. Can't wait to read them all. And I think the song "You are the reason" performed by Calum Scott if very appropriate for this Collection.

Again another super great work of art, plot, and story. One of my biggest fans. Look forward to your next one.

Thanks for posting the link. I was wondering how it all ended and now I it! He did a great job and thank you for helping him.  

Douglas, I just want to say that the Call Me Yours series has to be one of my favorite. Thank you for creating the story. The art work is incredible as well as the plot. I go back and reread it from time to time. Makes me wish my life had ended up like Nathan.

As a very big fan of Pervader, I am glad to hear you are expanding on an ideal that you have given much thought too and decided to pursue. Looking forward to it.

As always you do an awesome job. I really love your artwork. And the story line is just keeping me on the edge of my seat. I am in love with Reamus. Wish we could see him but I know you are telling the story thru his eyes.  

Thank you soooo much. You gave me a great Christmas gift by telling me that!!! And also, Nanoff......I am a super big fan of yours. Your stories outside of Minotaur Hotel is out of this world and love all the fun twist you put in. Can't wait to play MH with all the new additions, it's right up there with the rest.. WOOHOO!

I have not played this game in a long while due to having things to pursue. And I need to know if I download the latest version if it has all the up grades from the beginning or do I need to upload each version?

Thank you! I really love Pervader and you are doing an awesome job! You just gave me the best Christmas gift ever!

Ok I need some help or a bit of understanding. When I first found Pervader, I down loaded it and played along until it came time to go to Patreon to purchase the rest of the  game. Well I did not pursue due to having less time to play. I now see you have more versions and was wondering if I have to down load each version as you have added them to continue playing those or can I down load the lasted version 0.12.1 and it be everything you have added before this version? 

I am excited and can not wait for the final finishes to the game. Looking forward to playing. I have to agree with Mc Kenzie about Asterion's expressions. I prefer the old ones. I know that drawing the characters can take a long time and adding expressions in detail can slow down your progress but it shows your talent and what you are capable of doing. Pure art!

I have to say that Nanoff is one hell of an artist. And I can't compliment everyone enough for all they have done on this project. I am sooo looking forward to all your additions to the game!

I prefer the first one. Tough looking, still have some snake but not so menacing.