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Bruh, this was amazing. Any chance you can make the missile button not require grip? (Maybe make it a big side slam button?) And hand tracking would be godly. I would toss up some money for this.  I'm talking about the Quest ver btw. 

Last thing, could you make the enemies easier to see? Maybe just a option to make them Superhot red? Lol

Yes! Been waiting for this game, and it's awesome!

Awesome! I still need to beat this. I got pretty far. I wonder if I should restart, or just try to finish it. Is this compatible with a 1.2 save?

Is there an official pronunciation? and if not, can it be Two-w[a]t?

No problem. For those wondering Xen falls while dashing but Xevil does not :3

Hi, sorry for the late reply again. I was making a new demo scene that should help out with what you're looking for, if I'm understanding it correctly. This new scene lets you spawn enemies with E and then fire missiles from the player to the newly spawned enemies with T. It should let you download the new version without paying again, but if it tries to make you pay again let me know, and I'll try setting it up differently. Sorry, I'm new to when it comes to selling things.

Oh, sorry for the delay in my reply. That error you're getting normally means that something is Null that shouldn't be, or that it's not seeing something that it's calling. It's kind of a vague error. Could I get a screenshot of how you have your object MissileLauncher set up?

This game is really cool. I just got to the beginning of CH2, and if the rest of the game is as good as CH1 I'd put it in my top 15 RPGs.