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you can kill a guy by kicking a door at him, 10/10

Sweet, do you have a twitter or instagram where I could see the model in higher detail? It's pretty hard to take a good look at it when running away and screaming. I'm making a game in that artstyle and some inspiration would be great!

It's awesome, the one thing that does it for me is the soundtrack, it's very eerie and sounds alot like NIN's The Downward Spiral. It should loop and or the tracks should merge together, cause when it obviously cuts off and changes into another song it gets distracting. Also when your character jumps he sounds like he's barfing lol. I know that the whole game has a pixel art filter, but the axe looks like a sprite and some the enemies look like they were textured in pixel art, is that what it is?

Is the game broken? All I can do is move my legs but not get anywhere