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i always play maze games but this one really hurts my brain.

so i'm stuck at organizing the shelves. I organize all of it and nothing happens. HELP.

Is that the end? when he said he will going somewhere? anyways, i love the musics but too bad i can't open the music app again. Can I know the musics please

the salary is cheap and you want me to do the chores? bruhhh. i deserve better. lol

nice game! playing this game makes me realize i can't work under pressure lol

i love it! It's kinda creepy.

this probaly sounds weird but i love your voice it's so calm lol

It is so beautiful. The storyline, art and music. I want be Nika's friend bruh i'm not gonna leave her. Asking a question since it's say HAPPY ENDING does that mean there is a bad ending? 

It is really short.....

as a person that rarely became a imposter i really love it hehehe

it's so cute and enjoyable. Kinda chanllenging but it's fun 

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i didn't want to choose the doki doki because i have a bad feeling about it but then i have to finish for achievements so i clicked it and yep, i regret clicking it. 

the game is nice and i like the sfx

hi, i love your game. Can i just ask how to save the game? because it won't let me save it.

Wow. I didn't expect to found a danmei game here lol

i love the art style and the story.