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I'ts creepy and fun. My only problem is the bgm it's too loud, I can't hear her voice well.

The Romero's one is a good one lol. I enjoyed the gameee

Is there only 2 levels? It's so cute, I enjoyed playing this

what is the game with the sheep? I'm confused. I just picked a random number and then we became friends

Hey, I lost my money and my clothes, arrows and stuff. Help. I have 30k and now it's 0. 


I think when I aim for long time and jump from high lands. (like from roof)

I didn't do anything in the list but I still got disconnected. 

so I disconnected a lot of times because "cheats detected" and I swear I didn't do anything. 

Pelican, do something about this please!!!!

I  didn't read Yiyu's advice before I play.

bruh. i just noticed that a lot of players only want to get the flag. I mean that is the game but it's kinda boring when they don't fight back. 

Also, I love the new update.

is it just me or the game is kinda glitchy?


watermelon hiding lol

this reminds me the japanese movie where the wife always cosplay or play dead lol. very cute game

8BTL joiinnn

Thanks for the house. I wish american horror movies would take this survey lol. 

yes, i already build the submarine

another one, how can I get the radio works?

thank you! How can I get knowledge? 

how do i give them medicine?

but i don't wan a kid welp but the ending is good tho- i died.

So not every island have a well? Nice game. The atmosphere and the sfx and music is nice. Can't wait for the full game.

Dead Against Us community · Created a new topic help

what would i do with the things that i pick up? how can i open my storage? and i just wish that you can have two weapons.


also i have problem with saving. i can't play the scene that i save so i go back to the start everytime. help

wow i die everytime lol. 

ok so how do you past the last game? the spikes thingy? i got the both orbs but idk what to do anymore lol

I want moreeeee!!

The game was very cute and challenging. 

now i want to r*b a bank, lol.  I got all the endings. 
I'm just curious what is his shoes look like?

been doing this for 5 years in rl lol. so i know i will make it out alive HAHAHAHAHA

NICE GAME and Nice bgm.


i always play maze games but this one really hurts my brain.

so i'm stuck at organizing the shelves. I organize all of it and nothing happens. HELP.

Is that the end? when he said he will going somewhere? anyways, i love the musics but too bad i can't open the music app again. Can I know the musics please

the salary is cheap and you want me to do the chores? bruhhh. i deserve better. lol

nice game! playing this game makes me realize i can't work under pressure lol

i love it! It's kinda creepy.

this probaly sounds weird but i love your voice it's so calm lol

It is so beautiful. The storyline, art and music. I want be Nika's friend bruh i'm not gonna leave her. Asking a question since it's say HAPPY ENDING does that mean there is a bad ending?