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where is the V7?

how many levels does it have?

nice over done!

This is over done!

the camera is not smooth

lets learn!

whats the cheat?

no mac version??
Check for more information

nice game..  I am making a ninja game now, check it out.

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Ok, the game play experience is that I cannot find the enemy to shoot them. They are all black in my screen. I am not sure if the shader has problems or not.

Ok, Now I try to use itch app to download it.

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the mac version does not open..  how to make it open?? The mac version is the zip file once that unzip then the folder "Content" is appeared. Nothing to execute. 

The keyboard AWSD for direction and space to fire

its really a great game!

Do you have the logic in js. I would like to help out this game. I am using gdevelop

flying too fast.. 

do you have web version or mac version?

when does it have macOS version?