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Woohoo!! another banger update 

take all the time you need with the game, the more time means more polish and i can't wait for the next update.

Any Update ? Like any progress made? 

As well I hope the development of the game goes smoothly

its understandable that its taking about more time than it was anticipated but i hope your doing well and may give us an update on whats going on

I loved it too I'm sad that there hasn’t been any news from the creator


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first thing to mention is that I noticed the admin posted a sticky topic well cool then, but i like the fact they had to lock it before a small group of people got into a hissy fit.  Now that its out of the way, How would you handle the situation newgrounds got themselves into?

how would you handle it if you were the head of newgrounds? 

ikr they need to chill

Geopolitics community · Created a new topic The Game

The game isn't working anymore for some reason it keeps giving a black screen when launching it, will the game be receiving an update anytime soon?

Im on macbook pro and it shows me a white screen only

The game wont start for some reason just a blank white screen with an arrow

Geopolitics community · Created a new topic Update??

do you have a planned date for the next update for the game, im aware that game development takes a while but when do you think the game will receive its next version.

Super WorldBox community · Created a new topic IOS

Is the game for ios apple devices?

and are all the updates on pc being implemented into mobile?