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Maaaaaaan, you are a magician! You got me hooked and want to know more about what is behind all this. How did you think up the story. When is the next episode coming out????? Really cool with the crying and the spatial sounds. I would like the text to write a bit faster but other than that, a really really cool minigame!!

Really nice game Dani. Like the rewind effect and the fluidness of the games feeling. I do feel thought that controlling the character feels like walking on ice. Other than that, a good story, some milk and the game is a real banger!

A really cool game!! I like the artstyle, the animations and the mechanics. When I got hang of the controls the game was enjoyable to play. 

I think the controls would be easier to learn with a interactable tutorial or even popups (like a popup with the button e shows up when you get near the rewindbox). I also think the game would benefit from have multiple ways to do stuff, you should, for example, be able to jump with both the "S" key and spacebar. 

I also think some sound FX and Music would be great and a story to follow, something to keep the player interested about what is coming next and a goal with the hole game. 

Awesome game man!!

I like the minimalistic vibe the game is presenting. I was at first confused how the mechanic worked but after I got the hang of it, I could use it to its full potential. The game required both skills and brains to complete, the only thing missing is a good story. Way to go man!!

will definitely rate your game after work

Thanks for the feedback! Made a interactive tutorial now as the first 3 levels to get the hang of the mechanics and moved the current first level back

thank you! That was kind of our goal, to do a physics rewind game. Will check out your game later!!

yup! Will do when I come home from work.