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It was a really fun game to play it and was really pretty :) the colours that you used were really nice 

also here's my video I made lol 

The ending was a bit underwhealming but I really enjoyed playing it :)

sorry about the shitty plug :/

Not sure if it was what you were going for but it reminded me of the cooking mama horror game it was really fun to play and a part 2 where it gets even more fucked up could be really cool :)

(sorry for the shitty plug)

It was a fun short game to play :) It would be cool to see more of a story but it works without one too 

sorry about my shitty plug but I hope my feedback actually helped :)

I feel like there should have been a thing at the start telling you to collect the symbols because my dumbass couldnt figure it out on my own but besides that it was a really good and unique game well done :) 

sorry about the shitty plug


It actually stressed me out the timer was a really good choice :) it's also a really original Idea look forward to playing other games you make.


I had It before the update and didn't run into any problems. It was a great sequal to the night fisherman and I love your art style it's really cool :) 

I'm sorry for putting your game in my god awful video, but it was a good game :) 

It was really fun I enjoyed playing it had some good jumpscares :) 

It's a really good game it was unneverving and very well made (aslo I'm really sorry about the horrific video I made with it )

I'm so sorry

It was a lovely game I love your art style :) also I hope you're feeling a bit happier now everything will go back to normal one day <3

It was a really fun and unique game I really enjoyed it :) 

personally would prefer it if you used the mouse to look but apart from that the characters looked cool and had good jumpscares overall a good game I'm just bad at it :/ but keep up the good work :)

Some things like the writing could be improved but besides that it was good keep it up :)

I loved how the game look so cute but got messed up really fast and how it was short and sweet and got straight to the point :) 

It was confusing but I'm also pretty dumb but besides that it was a good game :)

Thank you that's so sweet <3

Really good game! I love that you can interpret your own message from the game 

Thank you that means a lot :) can't wait for the next one

I loved the art style and the shift in the atmosphire was done so well I look forward to playing more games made by you 

I really enjoy your videos, games and your little apperances in marks videos :) keep up the hard work 

was a great game even though i didnt know what was happening I had a lot of fun playing it :) 

I think this game was really coll I had a lot of fun playing it :) This game could be really cool if it had differant ending s but it's your game I won't tell you what to do lmao 

I played it before the update and the upadte really adds more to the game like the creature sliding under the bad was a really nice touch. Would love to see more things like that 

Great game had some good scares keep up the good work :) 

really cool idea for a game and was executed very well :) I just wasn't sure how to progress at after the letter was read out but I'm also really dumb so that was probably my fault but it was a really fun game to play 

Great game had some good scares keep up the hard work :)

another amazing game! keep up the hard work :) 

great game was a lot of fun! 

this game was so lovely such a cute art style I loved it :)

can't wait for the other chapters you can really tell a lot of hard work has gone into this <3

Great game I really enjoyed it would love to see more like this I would definetly play it 

really enjoyed the game :) 

Great game keep up the good work the story line was a little bit confusing though

Really good game very well made keep up the good work :) 

Had a lot of fun playing it, keep up the good work :)

I really liked this game so far! I haven't played it all but I have high expectations :)