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I downloaded this a while back and just played it today. Thought i fucked up and got a bad ending or something lol

Would be really cool to see this game be completed. These kind of games are my jam.

This game is really cool. I love deep ocean stuff and the secret ending really played on my fear of creepy ocean things lol.

Also fuck those sharks lol. Thanksfully the speed upgrade makes them a complete non-threat but early game I was always scared of one popping outta nowhere lmao.

Great game, keep up the good work.

Runs like shit

My antivirus has quarantine'd this game, detecting a threat called IDP.Generic, any idea why it would do this?

Game crashes on Android when selecting the "squirtathon" option with Felicity in the dungeon.

W0t do?

(1 edit)

"What is found at the end of January and February thats not found at the beginning"

Is it not uary? God damn it Kate lmao

Edit: I see now. Cheeky bastard 😂

no 2d cat tiddies 0/5 ITS A MASTERPIECE