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Don't get me wrong...I like this game alot... But I die too much.

I feel like you die too easily... Sometimes I get really far into the level and I die... I hate it.

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I think I finished the game? I was playing with PC. When I defeated the walking plant, The game froze at the white loading screen.  Does it do this because it's the end? I hope not. There's a weird thing about the fight with the plant. When I cut off all the surrounding vines, I go into the giant flower to attack the red orb. But then, the flower closes up! And I just appear right next to it! Maybe show the flower spitting the player out? Or at least show  character coming out of the flower before it closes!  By the way, why am I fighting this plant anyway? It doesn't really make sense. I get transported through a portal to fight a walking plant? Then what was all the puzzles for?  I really like this game so far I hope I can get some more free samples!