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A member registered Jun 17, 2022

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I can't get past the tutorial after getting the weapon.  The game won't let me jump higher.  Also, my own mouse is broken which makes the controls really awkward.  Which is a shame, because from the previews this game looks like it could be really fun.

I think it was improperly extracted.  I unzipped the file again and it's working.  Thank you for the help, and the game.

The newest version seems to be bugged.  When I try to open the game it opens a window for two seconds, then crashes and closes.  Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

The Victoria's Body and Veronica's Body games are so good that they, along with Odyssey of Gianna, are the main reasons I signed up with!  I'm really enjoying the newest game so far, and I think the spirit possession part of the story is a fun addition!

And I know it might take a long while, but I hope to see a fourth game in this series some day.