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it doesnt take bravery to post words anonymously on the internet. this was posted on a gaming website. also, i havent touched my PC in about 100 days. so take that for "touching grass" edit: its been somewhere from 100-150 days. about half a year.

How so? For giving an honest evaluation on a "story" (if we can even call it that) which quite frankly, it's shit. 

???? they just want to make the game more accessible to people who dont understand english

Another thing, which you clearly don't seem to understand, is that hugging does not equal rape. If so, then everybody is a rapist for hugging their family members and friends.

Why is this uploaded here? there is no gameplay, or even visuals. simply writing text which we are forced to do one choice, or we fail is not a proper game. Please, if you're going to make a "game" like this again, change your mind and don't publish it. this game gets a 0/10, it might as well just be a novel. Better luck in your next games.

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nothing u said was insensitive.

torture horse...? did u make it out?

but what is the water for?

Maybe dont look up these types of games, then.

How do I download this?

To everyone calling this difficult, this is nothing cumpared to Sans.