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A member registered Aug 23, 2017

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This game is pretty much everything I wish in an otome.

It has a main character that isn't necessarily an action girl, but still far from the helpless blank-slate maidens you'd normally see in this genre. Lucette is a breath of fresh air in the midst of otome heroines with little to no personality or personal goals.

It has a GREAT supporting cast, which consists of several lovely ladies that have huge roles in the story.

Each love interest has a different storyline, and thanks to the protagonist having a backstory and personality, each of them has at least one thing the protagonist can relate to.

The artwork is beautiful. All the love interests are incredibly attractive. My only complaint is that some of the proportions seem off, but the coloring pretty much covers that.

The music is also delightful and well-suited to the story. The PV song is also quite pleasant and even managed to get stuck in my head for quite some time.

This is really high quality free stuff. I can't recommend it enough.

Let me say this first. Greetings from Planet Bekasi! XD

I'm SOOO GLAD I finally found another Indonesian VN creator!! ^_^ Now I have more motivation to actually write my own VN. Thank you soooooo much for daring to brave the (non-urban) fantasy genre! You give me hope as a fantasy would-be writer! 

I also love how you're not using Wayang as primary inspiration. Not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just that... it's been done like, *forever*, and I'm reaaally tired of seeing Ramayana-Mahabarata characters being recycled in Indonesian fantasy fiction. Like, our country is rich with history and mythology! Wayang isn't the only good source of inspiration, surely XP Thank your for being innovative!

I'll answer your questions once I've finished Rama and Reksa's routes. I chose Mitra first because he's such a sweetheart! I'm a sucker for sweet, gentle guys. I don't know, I feel really... safe around him. He's probably the kind of guy I'd want to marry IRL lol.

On a side note, one of my leading characters' name is Yuda, so it's quite funny to see your Yuda! My Yuda is probably your Yuda's polar opposite lol (he's more like Mitra in terms of personality). And somehow both their lady's names begin with A and only consist of 4 letters (well, at least the nickname). XP Asih and Yuda are sooo cute together, I won't even dare to want Yuda as love interest, heheheh.