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Really loving the beta, glad to see so many bugs fixed so quickly, you're a damn machine fr.

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Finally, got my account back!
It has been great following your work through these devlogs, loving everything you've shown so far, really excited to play this!

I second Casper the helipilot's idea for different weapons, though I imagine it would absolutely be very difficult to include with all the work already done, work that I imagine wasn't done with other weapons in mind, it would definitely make the game way more interesting and replayable,  but not sure how the differences would be implemented since the longer weapons would be way better on their own.

Thanks for keeping us up to date with the work and I hope you're doing very well!

this is awesome, thanks! 
I'll be looking forward too it.

Any more news soon!?

yesss, looking forward to it.

This is such a hidden gem, really been loving this!
Excited to see more on the premium version.