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Thanks! Is there any way of doing this manually? I tried installing another copy of the game to get around it but the way data is saved ended up causing the second copy to crash.


Specifically, it seems that books that play "Responds-moi" Op. 50 turn out silent. 

I thought it was intentional, but now I realize that it tells you the song that was supposed to be playing, so it should have been playing something.

If there is, I can't find it. It asked me at the beginning and I chose the keyboard, but now it seems like I'm missing out on part of the game, and I haven't been able to change it even by starting a new profile. It no longer gives me the option.

I have no clue what this is but that was fun and kinda lonely and I loved the music and the minigames

I don't quite understand the falling off the edge of the world thing