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months ago I played this game until part 2 before I can download this again, can we just skip part 1 or I have to do it all over again?

Haven't read it yet but ima check it out right now whahahha

Bro been waiting for this can't wait to play ima ask for cash

Thank you, can't wait!!! 

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lmao it was just games that use your models soryy wahahah

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bruh you have soooo many demo games, out of all of them i like this the best, so please work on this more. i been waiting for 4 months for a new update 


I'm playing on windows 10

And ok i will do that, i will check the game again and look for other cg's THX

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and there's only 5 CG's sooooo yae, there's alot of bugs and after the intro song or something?  it takes be back to the title screen hope you guys fix that too

the game is good but, there's a bug that when i save, the game crashes hope you fix that and cant wait for the full version :3