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Ill be honest loved the game I really did, although, I accidently completed it on my first try

I would like you to try and convince me to buy the game

Hey Aason Im here I didnt know you had another game I might end up paying for premium for both just to 100 percent them

Does anyone know the answers to the test in the secret inc stuff or whatever its calle

I loved it, two things first off the first like very first touching scene with Mercy the arm didn't follow the hand and secondly the sex scene all of them were kinda laggy but I get that this is just a demo so I'm putting my thoughts out there it's an amazing game can't wait for the update.

They failed to mention that you have to do everything at least once before you wake her up, or you can get her pregnant and accidentally wake her up and get a different response form her.

I agree that so much, but I also think its the carnal desire to be in control. I hate that I enjoyed the game and wanted to 100 percent that, so my need for completion and my need to have control.

Its honestly quite grindy, but its a unique concept

this game has only two positions and its kinda boring in my option

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I love the animation it was smooth and the graphics are amazing I just don't think its worth 14 dollars just my thoughts about the game.

I understand that but my need to 100 percent it and my guilt for playing it keep on nagging me but I'm done with the game and I loved it even though I felt terrible the entire time

Why doesn't the game work for computer (web mode)

y'all scaled back the difficulty by a lot 

God its a good game but my conscience is eatting me i wanna get all the pictures so ive been replaying it

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Does anyone else feel like an ass for playing this, or is it only me.

P.s it's a good game just my conscience 

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Played this on Android it was quite laggy and sometimes would freeze but overall nice demo 

Ps sometimes it wouldn't accept inputs on the sex parts

I don't have any money is there anyway that I can help out with the coding or no

The game crashed i did the opion to kiss her and then it crashed on me 

why I wanted to play

Hey when will you add android access

Ah you shrunk the sprites and the rework is good keep up with the good work love your game.

How much do i have to give for you to become very much motivated

thank you for the info have a great day/night

no problem you did a great job and I just hope you know that and it's great for a first time solo game I think you have potential and so just keep at it

Well I was reading the other comments and I think others got the problem pretty spot on but in my opinion you should just keep doing what you are doing and make the tutorial last longer so people won't get confused and add an option to redo the tutorial as a just in case button 

How well does this game work on android

Hello I want to say the game was a bit ehh but I definitely like the idea and thought behind it I hope you have a great day and I will most definitely be following this game to see future developments of it thanks for your time.

In the village as well and does anyone else have the goddess as a club weapon

This game isnt too bad i actually like it

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Hey is the brightness still messed up for Android I mean and thanks a lot for the game

Hey I just wanted to say is you did a great job on this Vn and Im proud to call you one of my favorite vn makers