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You need to earn $150 or $200 by hanging out outside.
When you do, go to the medical clinic and the story progresses from there.

Thanks for reporting. I'll see if I can fix it.

Can you send a screenshot of the menu. Can you share it on the discord?


I'm working on it but it will be a few months before I get the next release out.

I haven't tested on a mac but I'll still try and help.

Is there a log file you can send? Probably best to join discord server and send directly to me from there.

Do you have this issue with other Renpy games or just Insatiable?

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Thank you!

I am considering starting a Subscribestar when I've finished Act 3 (or when it's closer to being finished). As of now I'm not able to sustain regular monthly releases so it wouldn't be fair to monthly subsribers. I am accepting donations on though.

Working on it. I'm planning a minor release in next few weeks but it will be a few months before another major release.

Thanks for letting me know.

It'll be due to the file having no 'reputation' as its not a common file. Not sure what the way around it is.

Is that the case for other apks you've downloaded?

No worries. You're not the first Android user to report that issue. I'll need some time to improve the Android UI so please report any other issues you experience.

I've just uploaded a BETA2 version of the apk. I've expanded the tutorial screen width which should make the OK button visible. This is a quick fix until I can spend more time fine-tuning the UI for Android.

Again, sadly, that's the end of v0.2.5 content.

That's the end of 0.2.4 / 0.2.5. You must have skipped past the pop-up explaining that. I'll make the end of content more apparent in future versions.

Thankfully it was easily remedied but it would have been really confusing to someone playing for the first time.

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This version (0.2.4) only goes to quest 52. A pop-up displays explaining this.

Thanks for the great feedback. 

In future updates I'll make sure to keep the game open at the end.

Working on the next version. Will post an update when its closer to release (ie. within 1 weeks of releasing)

I didn't release an android version so it's not supported but if you can reduce the text size you'll see an 'OK' button.

Because I forgot to change that message to v0.2.3. I hurriedly pushed out that release after many people reported an issue with v0.2.2.

She'll come back but won't be a featured character.

I can include an Android version in next release. Coming out in a few days.

Posso incluir uma versão do Android na próxima versão. Saindo em alguns dias.

Discord is now up.

Discord is now up.

Thanks. Workaround for not being able to sleep is to not do any activities after 12am. Fix will be in future release.

Character bio and progress will be in a future release.

Thanks. Patreon is going through approval process.
Will setup a Discord in time for next release.

Thanks. I found the issue and I'll release a minor build with the fix soon.

Sorry for that. Can you let me know the time, stage and location (ie. which bedroom) you're experiencing the bug and I'll upload a fixed version.

I'll set one up at a later date when the game's more mature.

Thanks for your feedback. It is planned to be more a dating/harem style game, not ntr.