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Sweet textures!

I second this request !

The really high resolution looks great!  But it's there Any chance i could ask for a lower fidelity set of these textures?  128x128 and 256x256 to be specific.  

well either way well done!  And I still think about that silly brutal chex quest scene from old school AVGN any time I think of Zortching !  Lol.

Zortch!?  Is this a Chex Quest reference? 

nahh is not just yours afterwards I tried on other people's uploads and it did me the same way.   It may be my *awesome $250 phone !  No worries though

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no problem it plays fine after download,  perhaps it's a hardware issue I'm having.  thanks for feedback as I wasn't really sure what the case was.

Is it just me or are the sound cloud demos on all the pages loading in all staticky?

Every time I showed up for DND night with the friends,  we all understand the rules differently and usually favor in the side of the attempted player action rather than sometimes clearly stated rules saying otherwise...  Fun wins over brutal ruleblocking imo... 

BTW I love the card sprites here!

I will play with this program more now that i know you are looking to improve.

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Yes, of course!

I have three ideas so far...

1 It is always a good idea to make the program window resizeable

2  Allow me to choose four specific colors .

3 Have the option to export as png file as default as most people will use this format.

no problemo thanks for checking and keep rocking out these sweet tracks !

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I am unsure why but it was only the first time I attempted to download.   Now it does .Ogg   it still works I just rename them.   I can't repeat the issue so I guess it was me.   sorry.

Could have been the bulk rename utility I use accidentally doing it...  I use multiple mass data altering techniques.

FSR when i downloaded this wonderful music it came as a .oga instead of ogg , heads up all you have to do is rename it.  

I always wanted someone to do a 16bit era gta game that resembled Shadowrun on the Snes & Genesis .  Maybe with better aiming but really this would do for that .   Wish I had the time to do it...

Oh cool! This would be perfect for a genesis style gta demake game!

This was a job well done!

That nosferatu image at the end is priceless!

Cool music just for listening to!

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If you would,  please make it export to png .  This is a great tool

this is just the coolest thing since we found out about fire!   I'm going to be using this to create doom enemies!

This is cool!  

thanks so much!

Magnificent work here!   *loudly applauds*

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Sweet tiles im going to use them as reference to help myself and my daughter learn pixel game design!

Very cool

thanks feel free to implement it,  I'm here to inspire the crowd to do cool stuff.  I have my own projects as well, but I'm still self conscious about them until they are ready

well what I'm I'm really missing are some crt tvs walkietalkies and radios for interiors, and 80s boxy cars and trucks with trailers for exteriors.

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Cool i liked the look of the dirt for my doom project!   I'm trying to make a Kurt Russell Red Dawn meets Rambo:1st Blood style fps. I plan in the future to use captures from my phone with myself holding different guns and digitize them to make the images for the Foes and npcs. In theory I am trying to do it the way they would have had to do the filming back then...  As much practical techniques as I can fit in for the budget of $0.

Oh too bad I liked the name, :p it's a good name.  I'll look at the PlaykitJ sometime here soon!  

the two methods of failure would be not looking out the left or right window enough to evade the police or failing your test...

Successfully obtaining adulthood never sounded more startling.

yes !  Let begin letting everybody know how scary regular life really could be!   Ha ha

I'm brainstorming here but i imagine it playing like FNAF but instead you have to listen to this old lady in the side seat that is grading you all the whole while... 

This would be the funniest game i dunno why!

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yehhh that way if you fail the test you go DIRECTLY TO JAIL!  Call it nervous driving test and have it be in first person where it is sort of a suspense ridden game with jumpscare pullovers by the police!  Someone please make this game.

Awesome stuff!  we need gun gadget clutter like magazines slings and range bags and of course broken guns for use as ground clutter!  After you shot the gun on a game it should have a chance to malfunction and when you die and someone shouldn't be able to pick it up,  Am I Right?

Now people can study in real time for the driving test!   Lol. Good work on these as there is a hole in the wall where many of these assets should be!

Could you convert the wall ceiling and floor textures to  image.png or image.bmp types?  

Could i maybe bother you too ask for a png version?  I would like to try using them in Slade3 for Doom and Hexen.  The graphics grabbed my eyes by the retinas!  They are swell!

Seems promising,  I love it when i see stuff like this!