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no problem!  I enjoy putting together usb mixtapes for the xbox series s .  I get to jamming the game tunes over here.   Lol!

Prehistoric Romp Is Cool AF!

Really cool stuff Thanks !

I am here to compliment you with a download and a thankyou!  You have a cool collection here!

These look great! 

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This is excellent,  this needs an emergency update that adds a # of goombas in world slider 1-100 !  Lol. At least I think so please add this if you do too. 

That sounds cool!

  I don't mind replaying levels especially  if the guys could be standing in different placements and facing different ways each time...  That would maybe be cool as well!

This is sick!  I dig it!

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I believe the scary parts are fun,  for improvements,  Poltergeist zones should be sandwiched between decent gun fights and simple puzzles that impede progressing , like having to move a truck to get onto a building or something?   My suggestions are just sugary donuts...  eat em or throw em out with the tofu I don't clutch these pearls!   Lol. Good game

This one really needs more levels or something!   I keep showing it to people that like this stuff since it is cool!

thanks friend I am just now able to read your messages! 

I paid and still can't get the full version,  something is wrong it only shows the demo?  Please help

This game looks fun ,  wouldnt it be cool to see a semi-realistic firefighter horror suspense game complete with escape-room elements and on-the-loose crazed arsonist guy you must stop?   

This is good work!  I like it!

This is really cool!  I'm happy with the way it works in the browser !  I intend to use them as placeholders for games and also coloring pages for my girls!. Amazing!

This looks sweet!. Love the Duke Nukem looks and feels!

This work is magnificent! 

Frickin awesome

I like this , if I use it in anything i'll be certain to link this page!

I love this crazy character I'm going to mess around with it!

Sweet tracks in getting them for funzies!

What does this tool do?

of course,  I listen to large swathes of people's music collections here while I am working!  Maybe I'll add it to some small game I make I've day too!

I'm downloading stuff here to listen to whilst i develope Doom mods and game maker stuff

Lol i almost passed on a great asset pack because i thought it were a Christmas tune collection!  Thanks for the upload!  I download stuff to listen to while i work on here.  =]

The lids are a nice touch making this pack actually the most versatile I've seen to date!

Thanks for the upload,  and I'll try using beepbox again .

The best early gaming memories were of course the ones  of Legend of Zelda Links awakening DX ,Pokemon Red and Dragon Warrior Monsters...  yes !  Very good

I know right?!  I use audacity in a similar way,  it takes me an hour to get a sound effect just right at times!  Lol

Sweet characters!

try using spriteSlicer

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Heck yeah! I have absolutely no apparent clue as to how you made this in Beepbox!  Kudos it may end up in a DoomWad !


This is my favorite pack yet!

Flippin sweet!

more of this welcome!

I believe many of the textures came from realm667 a long time ago.  

Looks like my memories!

Sweet textures!

I second this request !